Capacitive Touch Switch

Fast and easy evaluation with Touch Switch module

The 4×4 Keypad module

TKU016CT-A100 works with gloves and water spillage

Application Image: 4×4 Keypad works with gloves and water spillage
P/N: TKU016CT-A100

Noritake’s Glass Touch Switch


  • No degradation over time
  • Complex sharp patterns
  • Luxurious reflective surface

Noritake’s Glass Capacitive Touch Switches are a fully customized front panel solution combining high sensitivity capacitive touch with high definition photo lithographic etching.

Trustable technology and brand

Noritake glass touch switch and its technology are bringing from our long term experience of the VFD production, are produced using the same high-quality production process at our factory in Japan.
We have registered the “FLETAS” as a trustable brand name for the Noritake Touch Switch products. fletas_logo_mark_400x140px

Luxurious design with precision photo-etching

Touch Switches are available in the following finishes:

  • Reflective
  • Piano black
  • White
  • Transparent

The Touch Switch’s circuitry is photo-etched on the back side of the glass to prevent wear and tear. The backside of the glass is also metallic coated to prevent discoloration.

Touch activated LED backlight

An integrated and touch activated LED backlight is available with the Touch Switch and configurable to your requirements.

Integrated touch circuit and driver

The Touch Switch module integrates the touch circuit and driver, allowing for fast evaluation and reduces development time.

Open collector device

Noritake’s Touch Switch works as an open collector device with superior sensitivity that allows the host to read output data via serial communication.

Automatically illuminating LED backlight

The backlight driver is integrated into the module, lighting up the LED when the respective switch is triggered. The LED backlight can also be controlled from the host device.

Available modules

  • Touch Switch embedded to module with LED backlight
  • Touch Switch embedded to module without LED backlight
  • Module as daughter board
  • Touch Switch only
Touch Switch Available module types

Customization available

Full customization available

Size, number of switches, mounting option can be customized to meet your requirement. Please consult us by using the contact form below.

Full customization available

Semi-custom Touch Switch

The semi-customization service has been temporarily suspended.

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